P31girls Little Buds of Promise is a year round  out-of-school Enrichment and Mentoring Program, that equips girls in  3rd, 4th and 5th grades with a competitive edge in life. Girls develop a strong sense of self, healthy relationships, positive values, entrepreneurial exploration, leadership development, and impact-full community service projects. It's a community for girls to connect and do life together. 


Girls deal with all the inner ups and downs that naturally come with growth and development – hormonal changes, which catalyze mood shifts; struggles with self-image and self-esteem; and the ongoing, often confusing process of forging their independence and unique identity. Group enrichment programs led by mature female role models create immense potential for growth, acceptance and support. It provides a nurturing environment for girls. The p31girl will be inspired to DesignHER talents and passions in safe and supportive all-girl settings. She'll join with girls in her community-and together, they'll take action to change the world.