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P31Girls is a year-round program which gives girls a competitive edge and gives them the tools to create a life strategy, become the ‘Architect of Self Mastery. We do so through small groups, life skills, social-emotional programming academic coaching as well as intellectual and cultural exposure. P31Girls not only give girls the tools to create the life the desire, P31Girls empowers her to know she can achieve it. Designed to help young girls succeed, lead and to win in every area of her life.




  • Academic Coaching and SMART Goals

  • College & Career Planning

  • Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurial Exploration

  • Networking Skills, Public Speaking & Interview Techniques

  • Health & Wellness, ​Self-Care, Social Graces,

  • Netiquette & Social Media, Personal Style

  • Book Club, Community Services


Pre-Teen/Teen years are often referred to as the wonder years a critical turning point for girls. It is a time of transition when girls begin to question and form their own individual identities. Why programs like P31Girls are valuable: Women have made vast strides over the past few years. Women occupy higher levels in the marketplace and take on more leadership roles than ever before, many girls still face systemic barriers and oppressive practices that negatively impact their personal growth and development.

P31Girls is designed to show teen girls how to create a life strategy, become the 'Architect of Self Mastery. We do so through small groups, life-skills workshops, coaching sessions as well as intellectual and cultural exposure. 


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