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The Volunteers who become involved in P31GIRLS are just like you. They come from all walks of life, every generation and represent all professions and academic disciplines. Those who become Volunteers tend to stay involved because they’re making a difference and having a great time along the way. P31GIRLS INC. offeres Volunteers a unique opportunity to integrate their diverse backgrounds and interests to make valuable contributions to their communities, empower teen girls, and form lifelong friendships.

We are seeking new team members for September 2022 - September 2023. Professional, skilled and experienced talent who can help expand our capabilities in STEM, Arts, College Prep, Career Exploration and more. Our volunteer team is an integral part of the organization. Volunteers enable us to strengthen our connection with the ethnic, artistic, academic, business, and geographic communities that are essential to pursuing our mission. P31GIRLS team members are active in everything from representing the organization at community events to program creation. 

Board of Directors

      Ingrid Beckles, President             Joseph A. McCargo Sr., Vice President                         Tricia Lloyd                           Tanesha Myles

     The Beckles Collective, LLC                   Twenty 1ST Synergy's INC.                           Miss District of Columbia               P31GIRLS INC.

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