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As seen on WHUR 96.3 FM P31GIRLS Wellness Checks services provide support related to your mental, emotional, behavioral and interpersonal functioning and wellness, so that you can effectively achieve your academic and life goals. We offer wellness checks and small group sessions for girls ranging from ages 10 -16 years of age. Our small groups foster a supportive and safe environment. Small group counseling sessions are an ideal forum for girls to interact with peers who are experiencing similar challenges or want to develop similar goals. They also provide a unique opportunity to practice social skills, solve problems, build confidence, and find (and give!) support. Through connection, laughter, and skills building girls learn how to cope with and apply healthy alternatives to life's challenges.

Anxiety Management: Helps to understand the underlying reasons for anxiety and introduces specific strategies for managing anxiety as it arises.

Anger Management: Helps to understand the underlying reasons for anger, as well as specific strategies for appropriately managing their varying levels of anger.

Executive Functioning Management: Introduces the components of executive functioning (EF) and how they are important to success; provides activities for practicing and reinforcing EF skills to encourage their independent use outside of the group.

Journaling Group: Introduces  the concept of journaling and its benefits; each month a new journaling prompt will be provided with an opportunity to share and support at the end.

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Suicide Awareness and Prevention


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Prince George's County, Maryland


Contact Number: 301 909-8203

P31GIRLS INC. is non-profit 501(c)3 organization for girls in  grades 3 through 9 located in Prince George's County, Maryland. The global community is reflective of the Greater Washington DC Metropoltian area and the world at large. Members are empowered to realize their greatest spiritual, creative, ethical, intellectual and physical promise through small groups, a diverse community-culture and a sister like environment.