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Why Choose P31GIRLS?

Since 2019 a spirit of enthusiastic creativity has swept through P31GIRLS. Girls discover and hone their indelible talents and abiding interests. Our nurturing program intentionally builds academic agility, genuine confidence, and compassionate character—preparing your daughters to thrive in life, as well as gives them a competitive edge.  The P31GIRL builds her curiosity and confidence through active questioning, real-world problem-solving, and thoughtful small-group work, alongside sisterfriends from uncommonly diverse backgrounds. P31Girls small group sizes, mentors/coaches involvement,  foster an atmosphere of personal attention for every girl. The close relationships that develop between the girls and their mentor encourage learning that is meaningful and relevant. 

Grades 3 through grade 5:  Little Buds of Promise

Our mentors/coaches nurture your daughter's spiritual,

intellectual and emotional character development in equal

measure, providing an unusually firm foundation to grow

an to blossom.

Grades 6 through grade 8: P31GIRLS

Our entrepreneurial, question-driven philosophy fosters

both independent thinking and productive collaboration—

so your daughter consistently transforms her original ideas

into real solutions.

Pre-Teen/Teen years are often referred to as the wonder years a critical turning point for girls. It is a time of transition when girls begin to question and form their own individual identities. Why programs like P31GIRLS are valuable: Women have made vast strides over the past few years. Women occupy higher levels in the marketplace and take on more leadership roles than ever before, many girls still face systemic barriers and oppressive practices that negatively impact their personal growth and development.

P31GIRLS offers academic and life skills coaching, financial literacy,  composition and literature, and entrepreneurial exploration, book club, social impact and civic engagement, business etiquette, personal style and deportment, executive functioning skills, mental-emotional coping skills, and our girls each receive an average of three group sessions in addition to 1:1 as needed per month.  A range of virtual (zoom) and in person opportunity’s to connect and engage with Mentors, Coaches and P31GIRLS community.

Our programs not only give girls the tools to live a purpose filled life, P31GIRLS empowers her to know she can achieve it.


LEADforward offers educational, experiential, emotional and social enrichment opportunities through group sessions, skills building and mentoring. Our program serves Elementary and Middle School students in grades 3 - 9. LEADforward is an afterschool-community based program at no cost to the students and families we serve.


Interpersonal Leadership - Students learn the "people" side of leadership; effectively dealing with others either individually or collectively,

Personal Leadership - Students manage themselves, e.g., not becoming derailed by negative emotional experiences.


Executive Functioning - S.M.A.R.T Goals


Social Impact/Community Service - working to make a difference in the civic life there communities and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make a difference.