About Us


P31GIRLS mission is to prepare and support  girls in discovering their purpose and developing a strong sense of self to be compassionate leaders. P31GIRLS guides girls to help them achieve their personal and educational goals through scholarship awards, wellness checks, internships and enrichment workshop opportunities. P31GIRLS is where girls do life together!


P31GIRLS was founded to empower girls in DC/MD/VA. An all-girls program in which they would be empowered and meaningfully challenged, building on their faith and education, to prepare them to engage as change makers locally, nationally, and even globally. Since 2019 P31GIRLS has awarded cash scholarships, and paid summer internships, and invested thousands of hours to support girls who range in age from 11-16 years old through yearly school supply stipend,1:1 weekly wellness checks, mentorship, academic coaching, social-emotional programing, civic engagement, life-skills training and leadership development. 

Today P31GIRLS INC. has three programs serving youth in 8 states and 2 foreign countries. LEADforward supports the unique social-emotional and academic needs of high risk students in grades 5-8. In partnership with Prince George’s County Public Schools, LEADforward is comprised of a mix group of students. DesignHER Pathways diversion program serves first time female juvenile offenders with a mission to divert, redirect and refocus. Pathways clients are direct referrals from Prince George’s County States Attorney Aisha Bravboy’s office.  

Most of our programs are offered at no cost. We operate a hybrid schedule, a blend of virtual (ZOOM), and in person (DC/MD/VA only) sessions. Members have access from anywhere around the globe to an exclusive, continuous connection to a community of mentors, coaches and sister-friends in addition to experiential learning, and wellness check-in. It's safe, convenient, and virtually accessible by a cellphone, tablet or computer. P31GIRLS empowers girls to be critical thinkers, knowledgeable, engage the many cultures of the world and inspires a commitment to positive social change through service. We are dedicated to Christian values, academic excellence, civic engagement, entrepreneurship and the intellectual, creative, ethical and leadership development of girls. P31GIRLS is proud of its 80 percent retention rate.

Special  Thank You to Our Board of Directors

Ingrid Beckles
President The Beckles Collective 

Vice President
Joseph A. McCargo Sr.
President  Twenty 1st Synergy's Inc.

Tricia Lloyd
Executive Director Miss District of Columbia Scholarship Orginzation